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Mobile Artisans has emerged as a leader in providing merchant services and accounts for wireless credit card programs. Our "in the field" and "hands-on" experience in finding the most cost effective means of processing credit card transactions has proven to be the difference between MACNC's merchant services and other bank card sales reps. Please surf our web site for the variety of land line and wireless credit card equipment along with merchant accounts that fit your transaction processing needs.
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Merchant account services using the latest wireless technology are available with great prices and customer service. Mobile merchants looking for credit card terminals and wireless processing will find great service at MACNC. MACNC provides support of the latest Nurit, Verifone and Hypercom credit card terminals for portable and wireless technology. We support the Mobitex, GSM GPRS, Motient and AMPS data networks for wireless transactions. Mobile artisans and crafters will find support for store and forward software on the Nurit 2090, Nurit 2085U, Nurit 3020U, Nurit 8320U, and Nurit 8000 on the Mobitex, GSM GPRS, and Motient data networks. Hosting for display and e-commerce web sites, domain registration and search engine submission also available. Cell phone processing, store and forward software and voice authorization are just some of the credit card services available at MACNC mobile artisans.

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